One-minute Git2Prov tutorial on Vimeo.

Git2PROV is a joint work of Ghent University - iMinds - Multimedia Lab, and the Data2Semantics project of the VU University Amsterdam .

The people involved are:

Git2PROV is open source! To run it locally, or to contribute to its development, go to our Github repository.

For an in-depth description of this tool and its creation, we refer to the following paper:
Git2PROV: Exposing Version Control System Content as W3C PROV
by Tom De Nies, Sara Magliacane, Ruben Verborgh, Sam Coppens, Paul Groth, Erik Mannens, and Rik Van de Walle
Published in 2013 in the Poster and Demo Proceedings of the 12th International Semantic Web Conference.

Erratum: Note that the version of this paper on CEUR-WS has a small mistake in Fig.1 on page 3. The arrows indicating specializationOf should be pointing towards node "f", not away from it. The version on the ISWC website is correct.